Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wise Intelligent/Djezuz Djonez UndergroundSpiritualGame feat. Tara Courtney



Wise Intelligent/Djezuz Djonez feat. Tara Courtney

The track was produced by
Bigg Scott of 7XL Productions

UndergroundSpiritualGame gives you a glimpse into the life of Djezuz Djonez at home and at work. When you’re out there on the frontline righteously focused on tryin to resurrect the youth from the grave of ignorance, racism, wack rhymes, and self hate the personal needs of your loved ones at home sometimes get lost in the process…

Trenton’s own Tara Courtney articulates perfectly the love, frustration, devotion, and insecurity of a woman who has sacrificed her life and her man to the struggle. Tara’s beautiful and heartfelt voice penetrates the soul as she beseeches her beloved for a little bit more time, attention, and clarity.

Bigg Scott of 7XL Productions has created a new millennium headbanger for your ass! This rock inspired call to arms has given Djezuz Djonez the perfect back drop to speak directly to his people and wake the dead. UndergroundSpiritualGame is the type of song that can’t be written off, boxed in, or ignored! It’s time to buckle up because Djezuz Djonez has taken the wheel and like it or not he’s “The Only Mother Fuckin Hope that Hip Hop Got”!

(T. Grimes, Scotty “Bigg Scott” Clayburn)
Produced by Bigg Scott ASCAP
Recorded at Theo's Lab, Riverside NJ
Mixed and Engineered by B. Smith
and Wise Intelligent
Written by Wise Intelligent
Featuring Tara Courtney

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wise Intelligent drops Djezuz Djonez on Feb 8th and releases new song "Sow Djezuz" TODAY!!!

Wise Intelligent Iz...The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez drops on
February 8th, 2011!!!!

It will be available on iTunes,, Emusic, and all your other digital download spots!!!!

Wise Intelligent Iz...The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez
(Back 2 School - Second Period)

1. Crown of Thornz
2. Introduce Ya Self
3. My Crucifix
4. Water Walker
5. Illuminati
6. Sow Djezuz feat. Tye Austin
7. Somethin' About Mary feat. B. Smith
8. What Would Djezuz Do? (Underdog)
9. Zion feat. Rahzii Highpower
10. Undergroundspiritualgame
11. Hey Brutha Man feat. Tye Austin
12. Mark of Da Beast
13. Intelligent Dezign feat. Courtney Danger
14. Miracles feat. Contro'versy
15. Muthafuckasizhatinonme
16. I Will Die 4 U (Roman Cross)


"Sow Djezuz"
Wise Intelligent/Djezuz Djonez feat. Tye Austin

This track was produced by
Masada of HavKnotz Productions

“Sow Djezuz” is yet another undeniable example of Wise Intelligent’s ability to seamlessly merge style and substance
without compromising either one!
Masada’s flawless production mixes a classic Hip Hop sound
with a new raw energy that will snap your neck as soon as the beat drops!

"Sow Djezuz"
(T. Grimes, J. Pierre)
Produced by Masada ASCAP
Recorded at B Smith's House
Mixed and Engineered by Brian Smith, Masada,
and Wise Intelligent
Written by Wise Intelligent
Featuring Tye Austin

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For Immediate Release…

January 2011

Wise Intelligent is finally ready to reveal his highly anticipated new album, Wise Intelligent Iz…The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez. This will be the 2nd part of Wise’s 7 part; “Back to School” CD box set…

Trenton, NJ – Acclaimed artist and activist Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers has completed his highly anticipated 3rd solo album Wise Intelligent Iz…The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez. The new album will be released independently on Intelligent Muzik / distributed thru INgrooves. The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez was produced by Jumal “Masada” Perrie of the HavKnotz, Big Scott & D-Rel of 7XL Productions, Paul “PJ” Little, and
Kasar tha Star.

“When I travel through ya city while you listening to Biggie
I’m a bigger fan of Fela Kuti
Like I really give a f*ck about Gucci, I’m nobody’s property
I’m a beast of… NO Nation… I’m a beast by…vocation
Lyrically I will empirically blot the memory out of any MC”
-Djezuz Djonez/Water Walker

Wise Intelligent has never been afraid to take chances and push past any and all so-called limitations imposed on him by limited minds. With this new album Wise in the form of the UnConKable Djezuz Djonez is taking a stand for all the neglected, underprivileged, hyper segregated, redlined, and poverty stricken youth who have been forsaken in the bowels of the inner city.This will be a lyrical lesson and a reminder to every young rapper that you DON’T have to conform to the status-quo to make a dope Hip Hop album and be successful in this industry. Wise Intelligent’s main mission is to "motivate the youth towards positive attitudes and lifestyles" and to help recreate an environment that will give them a "high self esteem and enhanced racial pride".

“Call it blasphemous, Zoroastracist, sacrelige
This is black heritage...I am as the Master is
Nine gods out of ONE, Atum, Adawam.
I am ONE god son, like Jesus..."
-Djezuz Djonez/What Would Djezuz Do?

In order to perform this delicate resurrection Wise Intelligent aka The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez has created his most eclectic and cutting edge collection of songs to date. The lyricism that is displayed on this album is completely second to none and shows and proves that Wise is one of the most underrated MC’s in Hip Hop history. The production is daring and out of the box. The bravado of this sonic blend allows Djezuz Djonez to show us – better than he can tell us – how he can defy doubt and disbelief by walking effortlessly on primordial waters.

“I write rhymes for my hood from a heavenly high-place
think twice before steppin to my face, by God’s grace,
Ill dead them, behead him, for the blaspheme…LIAR
it isn’t just hot, it’s FIRE”
-Djezuz Djonez/UndergroundSpiritualGame

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