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Wise Intelligent Talks "Illuminati" And Why Jay-Z's Membership Is Irrelevant

Wise Intelligent Talks "Illuminati" And Why Jay-Z's Membership Is Irrelevant

by Paul W Arnold

posted February 28, 2011 at 9:46AM EST

Exclusive: The former Poor Righteous Teachers front-man breaks down the meaning behind his thought-provoking new music.

Following the release earlier this month of his third solo studio album, The Unconkable Djezuz Djonez, HipHopDX reached out to Wise Intelligent so the lead emcee of one of the 1990s' most celebrated collectives, Poor Righteous Teachers, could explain the thought process behind his much talked about new single, “Illuminati”

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Speaking to DX on Wednesday (February 23rd), the author of countless cerebral classics (“Rock Dis Funky Joint,” “Nobody Move” and “Word Iz Life” just to name a few) provided some insight into two of the thought-provoking tracks included on the follow-up to 2007’s The Talented Timothy Taylor. First, the New Jersey native who utilized one of the most seamless flows in Hip Hop history to drop jewels for the “Gods, Earths and 85ers” explained why Jay-Z and other rappers could not be part of the Illuminati. Lastly, Wise addressed lyrics from “Water Walker,” explaining why “Obama is wearing a McDonald’s uniform.”

HipHopDX: Your new joint, “Illuminati,” addresses [Jay-Z’s] long-rumored ties to that secret society, but you dismiss his inclusion in the Illuminati, or any other rapper’s for that matter, as ridiculous. Why?

Wise Intelligent: I’m not dismissing inclusion, what I’m saying is it’s irrelevant if they are. What would be the point? The Illuminati…goes way back to the Crusades, and way back before that. These people were about world conquest and world domination. And they’ve already dominated and conquered the world, and [so] there’s no need to have a card carrying rapper member. What is the point? There’s no point in it. What is the criteria? What would he be doing that would benefit an apparatus that has already conquered the world? I don’t understand that; that just doesn’t make sense to me.

I think we need to focus more attention on the fact that public schools are being shut down intentionally, to disenfranchise many urban youth, from whom Hip Hop came. If this is about Hip Hop and the youth that created Hip Hop and where Hip Hop comes from, and everybody talking about “this is where Hip Hop lives,” we need to be focusing our attention on what’s happening to the children that produced Hip Hop, that brought Hip Hop to the world. And we’re not even talking about that, we’re talking about Jay-Z. It’s like, yo, Jay-Z is ill, Jay-Z is probably the illest emcee that ever wrote rhymes, but when we get right down to it, if we talking about the Illuminati…we need to get into what’s happening in plain view.

My point was to bring the Illuminati out of the boogieman space. It’s not a boogieman; it’s legislators that are right now passing legislation that disenfranchises so many people. We’re talking about 1% of the population in America controlling 50% of the wealth, controlling more wealth than 50% of the people here. We have 10% of the people all over the world making life miserable for 90% of the world and [all] we wanna talk about is Jay-Z gay, is Kanye gay? Are they in this secret society? It’s not a secret society, it’s right in your face. Everything they’re doing is right in your face. Everything.

So, let’s deal with that; let’s deal with those things. Let’s deal with all the sterilization programs they have going on around the world. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about the overthrowing of Egypt. Let’s talk about the overthrowing of the Middle East right now. Let’s talk about that! We don’t wanna discuss these things. Let’s talk about how mainstream corporations control what we see and hear everyday.

So my whole thing about the “Illuminati” [song], it’s about a protest – protesting disenfranchisement of the large majority of the population of this planet. That’s the bottom line. So Jay-Z don’t have nothing to do with that. Jay-Z didn’t start the eugenics programs. Jay-Z didn’t do that.

DX: You mentioned protest music…do you have any objections to Lupe Fiasco declaring on his latest single “Words I Never Said” that “Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist / Gaza Strip was gettin’ bombed, Obama didn’t say shit / That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either”?

Wise Intelligent: That’s some powerful shit. I love Lupe Fiasco. I love Lupe Fiasco because he keeping it real, and that’s what Hip Hop is for me. Hip Hop is the other side of the story. Hip Hop is not the official mainstream story that becomes the official story. Hip Hop is, Nah man, Amadou Diallo didn’t have a gun; he had a wallet. Nah, Oscar Grant wasn’t resisting arrest. Nah, Barack – c’mon Barack, you gave $800 million to the prison industrial complex. Why? When you know that there’s a predatory system that targets inner city youth.

So…yes, yes, I support everything in that line right there. If Lupe Fiasco said it, if that’s what he said, yes, I agree. He has the right to say those things. I think that they need to be said. And they need to be able to be said in the mainstream platforms – from everywhere, from HipHopDX to Clear Channel. It needs to be propagated; it needs to be put out there. That’s the other side. And that’s what Hip Hop was from the beginning; it was the other side of the story. And that’s what’s missing right now. It’s not that heads are not making conscious music anymore, it’s because mainstream corporations don’t want it on the air – for what it is, and for what it has the ability to do. Same thing that happened in Egypt; Hip Hop has the ability to do that. It was Hip Hop that moved those kids in South Africa to confront apartheid. So let’s keep it real official, man. Lupe Fiaco’s keeping it official.

DX: Is President Obama part of the “wickedness in high places” you’re speaking on in “Water Walker”?

Wise Intelligent: This the thing with President Obama, for me, President Obama is just like a superintendent in a public school district that has been setup to fail. In other words, he’s inherited a sinking ship.

Better example: he’s like all the black mayors in the inner cities around the country. Like here in Trenton, [former] Mayor Douglas Palmer…became the mayor of Trenton after the municipal budgets were already bankrupt, [and] after white flight and white people had fled out of the inner cities and shifted the funding from the inner city to these suburbs. So now the kids are not getting the funding that they need for adequate education and things of that nature. Now they redlined the whole inner city. Now that the white people left…all the banks and investors redlined the city, and now you can’t develop the city any further than a mom-and-pop chicken shop. Everything’s dilapidated. The public schools here in Trenton – we haven’t had a new public school [built] since like 1932. I’m serious. It’s like, yo, this school is like 85 years old. The school is almost a hundred years old. The high school here is the only high school in the city. So, we have to really pay attention to that. When the mayor took office it was already a wrap. The white legislators who control the legislature, they shift the politics. They shift everything to the suburbs. Everything went to the benefit of these new suburbs and gated communities that they built outside of Trenton, New Jersey.

And that’s what Barack Obama has done: he’s inherited a sinking ship just like the mayors of Trenton, just like the superintendents of these black public school districts. They’ve inherited sinking ships that they can’t fix. They can’t fix it, because you have legislators who are above them. You have people who are above them who are not gonna allow it. When you look at the House [of Representatives], you have like 300 white congressmen to about 42 black congress people. So the interests and concerns of the black masses in America will not be met because they always will stack their vote against it. I don’t care what happens.

Just like with the crack versus powder [cocaine] laws, the mandatory sentencing, the Rockefeller [Laws] – all of these laws that came up before the house as unfair and unjust laws, they ruled against changing these laws back in I believe it was 1995. But when LSD was brought under the guise of unfairness, they said it’s unfair. And a lot of white kids who predominately deal with LSD were let out of jail and shortened their sentences. And a lot of people don’t know about that because that never made mainstream [news coverage]. And the reason that our community don’t know about it is because they won’t let my songs on the radio! And the mainstream Hip Hop websites won’t discuss it honestly.

Back to what Obama is…Obama has inherited a sinking ship. America is what it is; America was on this course since 1913 when they set up the Federal Reserve Bank. The economy was centralized then. And now we’re seeing the results of that; we’re seeing the results of that centralizing of America’s economy. That’s what Thomas Jefferson said: don’t let ‘em centralize the economy; we don’t want a central bank here. He said the bankers are gonna ruin the country. And that’s what happened.

So, at the end of the day, Obama is wearing a McDonald’s uniform. He comes to work, [and] he punches the clock. He can’t come in there and say, I have this olive oil. We gonna fry these fries in olive oil from here on out. And they like, No! We ain’t frying in olive oil. The people ain’t complaining about fries cooked in 10w40 motor oil, so we’re not changing it. This is what we’re using. So, it’s what it is. You can’t change the rules at McDonald’s. You gotta wear the uniform, punch in and punch out.

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The Book of Born Free...The Wisdom of Djezuz Djonez quote #36

"At the moment Mubarak stepped down Wall Street let out a rousing cheer...But at the same time it tries to stop the same thing from happening right here...What went down in Egypt wasn't the meal it was just a taste...And the next time black men gather we'll leave more than footprints on Lincoln's face"

The Book of Born Free...The Wisdom of Djezuz Djonez

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Wise Intelligent's "illuminati" Lyrics Deconstructed


ILLUMINATI Lyrics Deconstructed
by Wise Intelligent

While I'm aware of the many informative literary works being published by some great men and giants in our community on the subject of Hip Hop and the Illuminati – this song, its lyrics, nor this blog are intended to prove or disprove any of what has been written, published and or lectured about concerning this subject. Rather, to interpret the lyrics to my work and direct our attention to the root cause(ers) of current world dilemmas. Below are the lyrics and a verse by verse overview of the works aim.

VS 1
Lucifer Son of the morning, shalom, good day good morning
All of the livin are mourning, he affixes sixes on them…
But didn’t the scripture warn them? delivered the revelations?
Still they debatin Satan's use of major corporations

I didn't intend on putting a song that addressed the subject of the Illuminati on this latest album. However, the producer Masada submitted the track right when we had just wrapped up the record. I mean we were about to master the project. I heard the track, and completed the song the day I heard it. I laid it and we mixed it. As, anyone familiar with Poor Righteous Teachers should know, the group’s 1996 album was called “The New World Order” and the inside cover album art displayed several books pertaining to the Illuminati and the lore surrounding it. The intent of this recording was to simply take the Illuminati out of the “boogieman” realm and demonstrate how its apparatus functions in our daily lives in plain view. I often say that the illuminati, like the freemasons ARE NOT necessarily “secret societies” rather they are a society of secrets.

Remember the plantation, remember the black enslavement
Remember the soul debasin, globe defacin, hidden persuaders
Remember your colonization, colonial education
Ignorance and nigger shit, we get from the radio station

The rhyme points out well known historical events that effected and in many ways changed the world – like the enslavement of Africans and the colonization of the continent. The point being that the illuminati represents the wealthy globe holders who were and still are responsible for initiating and financing some of history’s most notable experiences. The rhyme goes on to express how mainstream media is very well managed and controlled with the function of controlling public opinion and mobilizing the poor and laboring masses to behave as the wealthy – less than one percent of the populace – would have them do.

Performers are getting younger, the dresses are getting shorter
It’s funny how these pedophiles market your sons and daughters
Target and breech your borders, kidnap your seeds deport them
Transport them over overseas where devils fiend auction and bought them

The above four measures of the song deal with the international trafficking of children as sex slaves to the wealthy and in many cases involving United Nations soldiers, as well as politicians from all over the world. A couple of years ago we learned that a United Nations ship was used to transport young girls from India to islands where they were then sold as prostitutes. These are not isolated instances of child kidnapping and abuse. This happens by design and is linked to major politicians, kings and sultans. Remember the Lincoln, NE. child prostitution ring that was traced all the way to the Reagan/Bush White House?

In ayiti someone caught them, if these are the seeds we lost them
Tossed them to hell they fell for what his system taught them
Gimmie a minute to prove this, call it conspiracy theory
You never knew what the truth is, be sure that my enemy hear me

VS 2
All of this talk about Jay Z, being illuminati
Or whether they got to Kanye, or whether or not they both gay?
This is irrelevant subtext call it celebrity gossip
Your taking it out of the context of Lucifer's pertinent subjects

The point here is to say that if our focus is on Jay Z and Kanye West as Illuminati we do not understand and have missed the most fundamental function of the machine – world domination. The capping stone on the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill was set in place nearly one hundred years ago in 1913 with the establishing of the Federal Reserve Bank, thus centralizing the country’s economy. These corporation founders/owners enslaved Africans, killed off Native Americans, bankrolled pirate ships, insured slave ships, created eugenics programs, designed, staged marketed and promoted World War’s I, II, and the Vietnam War before Kool Herc “said it was Hip and we started to Hop.”

What is the criteria for a rapper being Illuminati? He sold a lot of records? P.E. did that! So did the Fugees and Lauryn Hill and Tribe Called Quest and Arrested Development? What would be the rappers purpose as a card-carrying member of the Illuminati – to mislead his fans? If so, we can include every well intended grammar school teacher, pastor, minster, etc. for disseminating misleading information to their students daily to make their daily bread – some unaware and some well aware. Can’t be the subject matter of the records or we would have to include rappers like Kool G. Rap, Too Short, Ice Cube, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, and a plethora of others – who in my humble opinion are simply poor kids from some ghetto attempting to play the best hand of spades they can with the cards they were dealt! How they interpret the struggle in which they’re embedded notwithstanding.

We live in the projects, we descend from slaves
A lot of us don’t even got shit, and do anything to get paid…
Who Jigga that nigga ain’t Satan, and West just hood at best
And If they homo, I do not know and I could care less

Nahh they ain’t the Bilderbergers, nahh they ain’t the Rothschild’s?
That’s right they da Rockefeller’s, nahh that’s just dem niggas style
Illuminati sellin your mind soul and body
and they ain’t ever need no rappers to accomplish that

Rappers, be they mainstream, underground, “conscious” or gangster, are not responsible for engineering much other than music. However, the wealthy members of this body we call the Illuminati are publically known to the world as “social engineers.” They have masked their dirty doings in the vision impairing art of philanthropy. They are the subjects of Proverbs 17:23 which says “A wicked [man] taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment.” Again, the rapper by my assessment is at best, guilty of accepting the gift of misfortune and fame to not use his platform to confront this beast – at least sometimes.

rhythm I ride on top of that, given you the truth so copy that
soon the e-conomy collapse, great tribulation after that
skull and cross bone pirate hats, British west indies company cats
we call that Steve Cokely raps, illuminati coming but I’ll be back

Jay Z, West nor any other rapper will be responsible for the collapsing of America’s economy or any other economy in the world. These grapes of wrath had been sown before Hip Hop was pushed out of the womb of black music’s blues.

VS 3
Before they collapse the market, they’re criminalizing farming
they're silencing you for talking, while turnin us all into peasants
Agricultural patents ConAgra created the famines
Monsanto’s seeds that terminate the natural birthing action

The above four measures are intended to address the Orwellian type reality in which we now find ourselves. Wherein, scientists of all fields are being bankrolled by major corporations, philanthropic foundations, and so-called “social engineers” like the real Rockefellers to use their talents NOT to sustain and preserve human life. Rather to reduce it via manmade famine, weapons of mass destruction, global sterilization initiatives, etc.

Controlling the food supply, choosing who should live or die
Confusion rules you choose the lie, illusion illuminates your mind
These are the last times, spend them getting organized
Victory be with the strongest tribe, the ones that forge the tightest ties

The light is ours, they’re the sons of darkness in disguise
Edom’s fall is Jacob’s rise, so the prophets prophesized
Cecil Rhodes mining more than just De-beers
We’re rewinding through the years but you would rather drink da beers

John Cecil Rhodes in his Confessions of Faith laid out his life, and after death, mission and goal when he said why not have a secret society with one purpose but to see that his race rules forever. He discussed taking over Africa, enslaving and exterminating the population on the continent (what part of that has not been done or isn’t progress? And how much of it was done by or because of rappers?). He spoke of Africa without Africans, meaning more land to produce more of what he called the most superior race – the Anglo-Saxon.

While your peers disappear, off the corner every year
Prison population risin’ abortion clinics everywhere
Truth is they don’t want us here, there’s no cotton left to pick
Physical labor is redundant, secret shifts in politics

In the event, Jay Z, Kanye West, the “Illuminati Princess” – Rihanna (LOL), or any other financially well-to-do rapper, athlete, talk show host (Oprah included) is caught going across the border with kilo’s of illegal drugs, weapons, or underage children smuggled out of some Third World country their asses are going directly to jail and will not be collecting $200 for passing go! They do not control, have membership in, or find favor from this monopolizing oligarchy. They are used by it at best!!!

Listen, rappers who promote and or perpetuate racist and or offensive stereotypes should be held responsible. However, they are not on the same level as the people and the system that funds apartheid schooling, controls, regulates, and collapses economies, concentrates poverty into hyper-segregated ghettoes, discriminates against black farmers, starts eugenics programs, denies you and destroys the health care system, lies to start wars, let us drown in Katrina, started blockbusting, redlining, and white flight, closes down libraries (in urban areas), stopped after school programs, environmental racism: high levels of manganese and lead in predominantly black communities, monopolizes the media, started global warming, imports and exports drugs, imports and exports children in sex rings, maintains Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, funds the prison industrial complex, let pedophiles priests run rampant in and out of the Vatican, and uses the IMF and World Bank to destroy and destabilize countries thru debt manipulation. Rappers, are for the most part symptoms of the aforementioned problems and by no means represent the causative factors in this reality.

Jay Z might have been on and owned Rocafella records but he didn't write and enforce the racist Rockefeller Drug Laws. It's time to take our focus off the puppets and redirect it onto the puppet masters. This approach will serve us well in our effort to raise the people’s awareness of this system of oppression that is so subtle it provokes neither rebellion or escape. Then maybe, some upcoming rappers of tomorrow will be able to see the big picture that many of their peers fail to see (and some pretend not to see) for poverty and want of all things.

Wise Intelligent

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