Wednesday, November 12, 2008




Wise Intelligent & Center Stage Promotions Presents...The HEREafter...

The show will feature incredible performances from…

Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers, NYOIL, Def Poetry Jam’s Narubi, and The Soundbwoikillhaz featuring the Turntable Wizardry of DJ Slice (Producer of “Yall Should all get Lynched”) Shyster, Jah'tun, Soulkwest, and The 49ers

Date…November 13th

Location…The Troc (The Balcony) 10th & Arch Street…

Philadelphia PA 19107Time…Doors open promptly at 8:00 pm

Here goes a breakdown of just what the HereAfter is all about...

The HEREafter is a Hip Hop meets Spoken Word forum that focuses on a more promising future, i.e, a future shaped and maintained by grassroots activism. Our aim is to motivate the Hip Hop/Spoken Word community to be active participants in bringing about the type of change needed to move the culture, community and country to a HERE after 8 years of rule by fear under the Bush administration, HERE after unfettered greed and corporate profit over people, HERE after substandard public schooling, HERE after racism, sexism, ignorance, violence, and hate, HERE after major record companies, and HERE after mainstream radio and video stations misrepresentation of Hip Hop culture!!! We need your help to make this event a complete success! The Troc holds about 250 people in the Balcony and we NEED 300 people in the building to really make this thing happen!!! Please come down and bring a friend with you...It's all on us...Let's make our Rhetoric a Reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you have any questions about

If you have any questions about The HereAfter please contact Born Free at / or hit us up at our myspace Intelligent


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