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(Inventing the Future)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Jews and Gentiles…long time no post. However, I would like to start out by making this an official invite to all who have not yet made their way into THE HEREAFTER to make it out to the next experience on Friday, January 23rd at Liquid Charm on 1207 Race Street in Philly! For those of you that don’t know, THE HEREAFTER is a Hip Hop meets spoken word concert series that features some of the illest wordsmiths on this side the astrological belt; some you may have heard of and others you will be hearing quite a bit about real soon! If you missed the first two events you missed an opportunity to glimpse the future. But thanks to WILD SEED FILMS you can still sneak a peak at what you missed.

Click this link to see video trailer for THE HEREAFTER.

O.K. now, first I would like to say that I love Hip Hop and its adherents. I know a lot of us are halfway in the strip club and halfway in a mosque so I’m going to be polite! When we enter THE HEREAFTER brothers we can’t be smuggling porno DVD’s into heaven!?!? Yes, someone wanted to sale porn DVD’s in THE HEREAFTER. I understand your hustle, but THE HEREAFTER is not a hustle it’s a movement! That move was tantamount to trying to push pork-chop sandwiches in Muslim Mosque #7?!?! LOL, gotta love the people…

Secondly, MC’s be on point! Yes you will be I.D.’d at the door. We are performing in nightclub establishments that can be shut down for allowing minors into the event; show your I.D. and keep it moving. When you show up for work, you punch your card and go to work with no complaints! When you come to THE HEREAFTER and you’re asked to show I.D., just show the damn I.D. and go to work! Thank you…we are not just rapping people, we are INVENTING THE FUTURE. The mission of THE HEREAFTER is to create an ongoing living democratic culture that compels Hip Hop artists and its adherents to action in the form of community activism. We are building tomorrow today…help us!

Furthermore, I would like to thank all the MC’s and Poets who have touched down in THE HEREAFTER and blessed us with some incredibly life giving performances. A Big shout and real love goes out to NYOIL, this brother came down from Brooklyn ONE DEEP; and murdered the jam like a nine member crew. My man is cinematic in every sense of the word. NY performed bangers like Yall Should All Get Lynched and What Up My Wigger… His set was straight Classic!

Big Love to Narubi Selah. I mean, this sister did one piece about a sister in an abortion clinic having every powerful black ancestor cut out of her womb. Everybody from Malcolm and Huey to Chesimard and Mary Bethune were aborted from one sister! It was literally a work of art, a master piece! And I can’t forget the play on the Frankie Limon “Goodie Goodie” joint! Thank you sister for giving us a part of you!

I can’t forget the brother SHYSTER. If you don’t know, just google “Mrs. Betty’s Son” or click on the link to THE HEREAFTER trailer for a sample of how he represents. “Jesus Shyst” was one of the titles he used for himself. Shyster is a youth advocate who just straight school yard bullied our Nov. 13th event. Thank You Shyster, you are definitely an asset to Hip Hop culture, Spoken Word, Black Culture and humanity in general. A necessary brother!

To my brother CEE KNOWLEDGE of the Digable Planet’s, words can’t express my gratitude! The people loved you (as usual) and wanted more. CEE KNOW put on some joints I never heard before, had me searching the net for all his new shit! I’ve always been a fan but Dec. 6 sent me back to when I actually had to have an artists music. We love you brother, Thank You!
Another outstanding performance came from ANGELZ INC. (God’s Gang). These brother’s (it was about 7 of them, you don’t see that many MC’s in a crew nowadays. This was nostalgic and refreshing) descended on the venue like the gods they were, Held the crowd in complete awe for the entire length of their set then mysteriously ascended into invisibility. I didn’t see them leave! I love you brothers, we have to do more shows together…I’m a FAN! Besides they’re from New Brunswick, NJ the place of my birth!

To my brother RAHZII HIGHPOWA, amazing young man, amazing. That Gregory Isaac joint you re-made, with the LL “Doin It Well” sample is a big, big tune ya heeeeeearrrrrr. You killed it, rumor has it that certain sisters in the venue said you literally made the spot a Liquid Charm!?!? LOL, good thing you didn’t do “Hot Flash”! Keep up the good work, you’re an original!

Nuff love, Thanks, and appreciation to Ras Asia, K-Born and High Power, Ja’Tun, Mecca Star (You Gotta Come Back!!!), The 49ers, Soulkwest, Team Drazmatik, DJ Slice and the Soundbwoikillhaz’s, DJ SOULBUCK, and my band The Resurrection (Pup Dogg-guitar, Diamond-drums, Jamel-keys, Shane-bass) etc.

Nuff love goes out to all the conscious community organizations and activists who have renewed their love for Hip Hop culture in THE HEREAFTER: C.O.C.O (Coalition of Conscious Community Organizations), S.I.S.T.A. (Supporting & Inspiring Sisters to Achieve), Intelligent Kidz Inc., Imagine Me, Civil Alert World Radio, African Peoples Unity, Temple University Black Student Union, TU Professor/Lawyer Michael Coard/Hip Hop 101, and others!

Come to our new HEREAFTER blog site and let’s build…

Special Thanks to Intelligent Muzik, Center Stage Promotions and WildSeed Films




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