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Wise Intelligent speaks on U.S. Human Trafficking, Haiti and beyond...



Upon hearing the hideously disturbing news concerning child stealing in poverty stricken, earthquake devastated Haiti - after a spiritually heavy gasp - I was able to gather my thoughts (as I have become accustomed to doing) and not “react” according to anger, frustration or activist fatigue. I had to push refresh on my neurological data-base of stored information, things studied and lessons learned. In less than 60 seconds every repulsive incident of child trafficking I had ever forced myself to read flashed before me almost as if I had Googled them.

My consciousness was speedily directed to 2003 when a UN ship of “peacekeepers” was implicated in facilitating a child prostitution ring. The Associated Press report said that the ship chartered to peacekeepers in East Timor is also “being used to bring child prostitutes to the island nation.” Expresso, the Portuguese weekly reported that “UN personnel were involved in bringing girls from Thailand to East Timor as prostitutes.”

Then there was the UK’s Guardian report November 27, 2002 titled “Portugal's elite linked to pedophile ring,” the report talks about how the investigation threatened to “engulf diplomats, media personalities and senior politicians.” These are very disturbing examples of “spiritual wickedness in high places” authorities abusing the peoples trust in the most unforgivable ways. The former Secretary of State for Family’s lamented that she had given the police ample evidence 20 years ago found at the home of an important diplomat where four “missing” orphans were found under lock and key – evidence which included "photographs, an account of the methods used to spirit children out of the orphanage and testimonies of a number of children," all of which police ignored.

Again, many of us were effectively distracted by the nomination of America’s first black president, Wall Street’s contrived march toward the precipice of collapse and its anticipated bailout on the backs of America’s working poor – that we all but missed the 2009 Press TV report that revealed how Blackwater - the controversial U.S. government backed private corporation of mercenaries “used child prostitutes in Iraq.” The article added that “Iraqi minors got involved in sexual acts with Blackwater members in exchange for one dollar.” It goes on to declare that Erik Prince, the firm's owner, "failed to stop the ongoing use of prostitutes, including child prostitutes, by his men."

We “Americanized” citizens of the West often sigh in the ignorance induced, but comforting relief that this is happening in Thailand, Portugal, Iraq, the Sudan, Congo and not in America. However, when we turn the hands of our almost extinct analog wall-clocks back to the 1980’s we immediately come face to face with the Nebraska child pedophile ring that was discovered to have went all the way to the White House.

The front page of the Thursday, June 29, 1989 Washington Times read “Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush: Call Boys took Midnight Tour of White House.” The article said that the Washington D.C. operator of the ring was the well known Republican Party lobbyist and homosexual Craig Spence. The Times confirmed that “Mr. Spence arranged at least four midnight tours of the White House including one June 29, 1988, on which he took with him a 15 year old boy whom he falsely identified as his son.”

Many children were flown in on planes from Nebraska orphanages by top political officials, for child sexual services provided for key bureaucrats, diplomats and politicians. The operator of the Nebraska arm of the ring was none other than nationally active Republican politician Larry E. King, who was finally convicted on embezzlement charges in a trial wherein State Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha said that he had “received numerous reports to which he clearly gave credence, that child sexual and physical abuse were linked to the scandal.” Larry E. King Jr. – a black man – sang the National Anthem at the 1984 Republican National Convention.

This article is a sketch of what comes to mind when I read about people stealing Haitian children, a “thinking out loud” of sorts. These are your elected officials funding orphanages with mission statements lauding the noble aim of caring for children without families, but sexually and physically abusing them. These are pedophile politicians brought to you courtesy of the citizens of the United States of America, and the world!

By Wise Intelligent/Djezuz Djonez

It's NO LONGER Smart to be DUMB!

The Franklin Cover Up by Sen. John DeCamp ISBN: 0-9632158-0-9

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Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti

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To view the scanned newspaper articles follow link:

Human trafficking of children in the United States-Fact Sheet

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