Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CDJ Live: NJ Hip Hop Legend Wise Intelligent/DJezuz DJonez giving u a sneak peak of "What Would Djezuz Do?"

CDJ Live: NJ Hip Hop Legend Wise Intelligent aka DJezuz DJonez
August 15, 2010
By - DeeJay1

CollegeDj recently attended a live show with hip hop legend Wise Intelligent aka “DJezuz DJonez” in Trenton, New Jersey. CDJ had exclusive access to the former Trenton rapper from the group “Poor Righteous Teachers” who is making his new music under the moniker Wise Intelligent aka “DJezuz DJones”. His new music reminds one of why Jersey hip hop is so unique. To get on… you must be able to rhyme quickly if you need to! A quick glance of NJ rappers include Fugees, Treach, Redman, Queen Latifah, and many underground hip hop artists, producers and legends started in New Jersey or have some deep roots there such as Jay-Z. As you can see from our short list, New Jersey rappers can flow.

DJezuz DJonez keeps the NJ tradition going with new music out now. The style of reggae, intelligent wordplay and lyrical ability from the Trenton legend is on par with top rappers who are gifted at rapping this way such as KRS-1 and Buckshot. He has command of his breath and is able to rhyme fast or slow at ease. Lookout for more music from the hip hop legend as he continues to keep minds interested in all you can do and say expressively with hip hop music.

Here goes a sneak peak at a new song from Wise's new album..."The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez"..."What Would Djezuz Do?"

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