Friday, November 19, 2010

Wise Intelligent Digitally Re-Releases his "Blessed be the Poor" album!


NOVEMBER 23, 2010, WISE INTELLIGENTs: BLESSED BE THE POOR will be RELEASED DIGITALLY for the first time. NOW YOU CAN purchase this enlightening artistic expression @ AMAZON.COM, ITUNES, SHOCKHOUND, NAPSTER, RHAPSODY, EMUSIC and all the rest PEACE!

In the mist of the Legendary Wise Intelligent crafting his official independent solo release “Wise Intelligent iz…The Talented Timothy Taylor” he gave birth to this incredible and explosive musical jewel called “Blessed be tha Poor?”...The Un-Mixtape. Unlike most “mixtapes” that sound like a disjointed mixture of singles that should have been left on the cutting room floor, “Blessed be tha Poor?”...The Un-Mixtape has the flow and consistency of an official studio release.…This Un-Mixtape will definitely satisfy your fix for more Intelligent Muzik and set the perfect tone and environment for Wise Intelligent to bless us once again with yet another classic album later on this year…

“Blessed be tha Poor?”...The Un-MixTape contains 17 powerful tracks that elevates, provokes, as well as entertains. This album gives you a few more pieces to the puzzle of where Wise has been and what he has been thinking about over the last couple of years… As soon as you hear songs like…”Unda Fire”, “Mr. Rocket Launcher”, “Prince of Power” “BamBam”, “What tha guyz Do”, “Israelites” (This Uprising). “Can’t Afford 2 Luv Her”, and “Eye Wish” you will recognized that Wise Intelligent is the most consistent MC to ever bless the microphone! The God is the perfect combination of Style and Substance! The album is highlighted by an interview Wise did in New Brunswick NJ (his place of birth) with internationally known DJ Fusion & Jon Judah of Fusebox Radio at Rutgers University back in April of this year. Blessed be tha Poor? features all original production by an incredible array of talented producers. The bulk of the production duties were handled by Trenton’s own the Havknotz (Masada & Wise Intelligent). They have provided the ideal sonic landscape and canvas for The Talented Timothy Taylor to paint yet another masterpiece upon…

Track listing…

“Blessed be tha Poor?”...The Un-MixTape

1. Tha Wickedest Thing 03'
2. The Prince Of Power 00'
3. Mr. Rocket Launcher 04'
4. Tha Death Penalty (interlude)
5. The Globe Holders 03'
6. Unda Fire 03'
7. Stop Bitchin & Start A Revolution (interlude)
8. Bam Bam 05'
9. What Tha GuyzDo 00'
10. Love Means 4 Ever 02'
11. Niggaz Iz... (interlude)
12. Keep Getting Betta 99'
13. Israelites 05'
14. Can't Afford 2 luv Her 01'
15. Somebody Told A Lie 00'
16. Rock The Vote 04'
16. Eye Wish 99'
17. Weapons Of Mass Distraction 04'

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