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INTELLIGENTNEWZNET...DYING TO LEARN: ‘The building…is worn out’


DYING TO LEARN: ‘The building…is worn out’

“The building…is worn out” is the headline that bellowed loudly from The Times Monday, March 7th newspaper. The article was in reference to the deplorable condition the 79 year old Trenton Central High School is in, and has been in for decades. Not long ago, complained to their teachers and administrators about the appalling state of the bathrooms which had no doors on the stalls, no toiletries and in some cases only one or two toilets being functional. However, students complaints remained unaddressed until they took action, taking pictures of decrepit bathrooms with their cell phones and sending them to other students, teachers and eventually the newspaper.

Trenton Central High School was built in 1932 and was one of the largest and most expensive high schools in the country. The school was considered “an ornament to the city” and one of the “show places of Trenton.” Of course, this was when the school (like most schools in the city) was an all white high school. Since whites fled inner-cities in the 60s early 70s in a successful attempt at undermining Brown vs. Topeka Kansas Board of Education which declared segregated schooling to be unconstitutional – the school has been a proverbial ring of fire through which black and Hispanic students must be talented and agile enough to jump through on their way to receive a high school diploma from the wizards of inadequate education.

Now back to the building. Two weeks ago the ceiling collapsed in one of the classrooms. Luckily, there were no children present when this occurred. The ceiling had reportedly succumb to “rainwater from a leaky drain” also “spraying a wet mess of paint and plaster chips all over the floor.” Remember, the school was built in 1932, well before the 1978 ban on the use of lead paints and piping. Therefore, this “wet mess” of “paint and plaster chips” had to be accompanied by the dangerous presents of lead; a heavy metal that exists in dangerously high levels in TCHSs paints, plasters and piping.

A few years ago the school was allotted $150 million dollars to build a new educational facility. Recently, the state put an indefinite hold on the $150 million new school budget for TCHS. A decision leaving our children virtually at risk of suffering physical and psychological harm from dangerous structural problems and the presents of heavy metals on top of forged student transcripts and a state ranking of 317th out of 322 public schools. The Saga Continues...

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