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Wise Intelligent's Lyrics to UndergroundSpiritualGame

Wise Intelligent
"UndergroundSpiritualGame" Lyrics broken down
Wise Intelligent Iz...The UnConKable Djezuz Djonez

UndergroudSpiritualGame Produced by Bigg Scott

I am the truth, I’m the light, I’m the way shit used to be before you sold out…
No doubt, I’m clear bout who I am…
don’t wanna be anyone else on the planet but Djezuz
oh he’s just, literally out of his right mind…

I’m quite fine, I write rhymes for my hood from a heavenly high place…
Think twice before steppin to my face, by God’s grace, I’ll dead them
Behead him, for the blaspheme, LIARRRRRRR, it isn’t just hot its FIRRRREEE
My ughhhhh, style does…more in a verse than most spit…on a whole disc

Nig*gas know this, but ask them…they’ll LIE, falsify my original freshness…
They’ll TRYYYY, but like a baptized baby God blessed this, old wine…
In a new skin, introducing, thee UnConKable, Djeez Djonez
Hip Hop don’t stop Keep on, Second Coming gottem runnin get gone…

PEACE, Assalamu alaikum shalom, oh this nig*a so not Rome…
Never do what the Romans do….
even if Caligula offering a nig*a 50 million, 10 women and a room with a view
persecuted for the truth I spew, Hebrews don’t get it confused
these dudes lack clues I’m Him…WHO YOU?

You know Djezuz, I really don’t know who you are anymore
I mean…all this time that we’ve been together and I thought I knew you
What I’m sayin is you’re a good man and all, and I really do love you
I just don’t understand how you can be so inconsiderate of my feelings
You write songs about loving, respecting and protecting women
But I don’t think you’ve ever honestly loved any of the sisters you’ve called yours Enough to convince them that you were ever theirs as much as they were yours

VS 2
They got me…all fucked up…all confused, all twisted…
Cause I gotta lotta black folk listening…government got me blacklisted,
I’m in my whipper whippin, BlackCherry Manischewitz I’m sippin…
I’m gifted, the present; the futures investment…

Wait a minute let me shine my halo…
Some peddle yayo, honest it’s not me
If I never got knowledge and acknowledged God the Father
Would I pitch dope, I don’t know prolly

That’s how this ghetto got we, this deprivations makin
A nig*a sell his soul to Satan, escaping poverty’s concentration…
Neurotoxins plaguing the hood and the way black babies in the hood behaving…
Can’t save’em, actin all savage, this is what happens when your ruled by cavemen…

Never mind what I am sayin, find a bride while my new shit playin…
Cut her eye’s over here she’s taken, father of general civilization…
Classes, the masses from Jerusalem to Nazareth
Know and understand I know what the math is

Never let em get a hold of my black ass…
Locked up in the Garden state, not quite Gethsemane
Caligula sending me threats that he bet he’ll erase my memory
Before Timothy Ima be Djezuz

It’s like “spiritual game” or something? No different in many ways than the games ran on Sisters by brothers of a lesser understanding, which actually makes it worse I don’t know what’s what and considering the other sisters in your life I don’t know Who’s who? I mean…am I your queen? Is she your queen? Do you love her more or less than I? Why do you not respond to my complaints, am I not worthy of some clarity? How can you come into my life for a season and disappear for two? You're NOT even listenin Djezuz...

VS 3
Should I dumb my oratory down to a corner story now…
To afford a better lifestyle, never that I’ll lay my life down…
For the children of the promise like right now
shoot… Break enter and loot this system,

for everything taken from the innocent…
impenitent, rich slave makers of the poor remember when
you refused to give water to the thirsty, New Jerusalem
better known as Jersey, never gave one fuck
bout a black child stuck in legislated subhuman tough luck
misinterpreted tough luck, like history experience, misery experienced

wasn't the result of how you always hated us?
Segregated plus, isolated us Integrationist
brown vs the board was a double edged sword In the greater sense,
we were greater when, we were teaching our own seeds
Providing our own needs, community a virtual all black wall street
When your blueprint that nig*a call me, that’s all she wrote..

So that’s all I’m writin now, I’m doin my mama proud,
Espousing…Low income housing…underground spiritual game…
Never wonder bout a lyrical flame, I’m hot
I’m the only muthafuckin hope Hip Hop got….
Shiiiiiiit, I ain’t who you thought I am…damn!

Just like I thought…no response, no reply
I’m right here Djezuz, and I have always been
Matter fact we’re right here, and we’ve always been
Not that I’m not just speaking for myself alone, I’m speaking for US
The women in your life who have always loved you and always will
Can we get half the integrity and commitment you give to the calling?
Can we be loved in the same measure in which you love this work?
Respectfully Submitted: ME...

Written by Wise Intelligent / /

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