Wednesday, February 4, 2009


THE HEREAFTER from Stacey Muhammad on Vimeo.

Wise Intelligent / Intelligent Muzik presents...
THE HEREAFTER, Where Hip Hop Meets Spoken Word.

November 2008 show...
Featuring Narubi Selah, Mrs. Betty's son, Shyster, NYOIL and the Legendary Wise Intelligent.

Stay Tuned for the HEREAFTER Radio Show
and the December 2008 HEREAFTER Show.

Has HIP HOP lost it's way? Has HIP HOP strayed hopelessly from the activism on which it was founded? Is HIP HOP dead? Is HIP HOP responsible for the disconnect between today's youth and the Civil Rights generation? Can HIP HOP's influence be leveraged to promote positive social change?

The Hereafter is a series of Hip Hop meets Spoken Word concerts that explore these and other questions. The Hereafter focuses on what rapper / activist Wise Intelligent has referred to as " the most essential element of Hip Hop Culture" ACTIVISM!

The mission of The Hereafter is to support an ongoing, living, democratic culture the compels Hip Hop adherents to become active participants in shaping, not only their futures, but the future of their communities, nation and world.

It's NO LONGER smart to be DUMB!

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