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Let me begin by saying THANK YOU to everyone that came out to THE Feb. 12th HEREAFTER at the Trocodero in Philadelphia. I apologize if anyone lost their jobs after not making it in to work that Friday morning…I think Intelligent Muzik is hiring?!?! Contact Born Free for details, sorry! Now, if you didn’t make it out to THE HEREAFTER on Thursday you missed what was arguably some of the best performances in heaven to date! Thanks to Wildseed Films you can get a sneak preview before it’s available on DVD, in its entirety, check it out below


Performances straddled the spectrum, everything from the natural and organic to the chemical merger of street knowledge and the metaphysical were represented, and represented well if I’d say so myself. My deepest gratitude goes out to all the artists/activists that touched down in THE HEREAFTER.

A big shout and heavenly love to Simplicity…you are amazing sister, so pure so real, love your work and hope to see more of you. P.S. your sneaker game is crazy, thanks for linking me to the brother with the customs, I’m trying to get fresh like you!

Syn da Villian.. I really can’t express how essential you were to that night of exceptional performances. Your Hip Hop is your own! That’s the true definition of FRESH! I’m rocking with you. To Ras Asia..again, the amount of original selections you perform is beyond me? Every time I’ve seen you perform you’ve done new music I’ve never heard. You are full of music Royal Star and I’m glad you’ve found THE HEREAFTER a fitting platform to share your musical expression.

To the brother Akademic, I was a fan of yours before THE HEREAFTER. From the day I saw you at your own event in Jersey, I’ve been promoting you as an artist people should know more about…you came, they saw, you educated! If urban public schools could get two Akademic sessions per week we could get those AYP reports up to snuff…lol!

To my beloved brothers of Maroon Society (Divine Allah, MKassa, King Samir)…words fall short of being capable to express what we felt in THE HEREAFTER. When you brothers spoke things were created! Your position, posture and firm stance on the square for Freedom, Justice and Equality is unprecedented… you are true artists/activists!

Ms. Wise…I mean, “A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” – Prov. 22:1. Whether, you chose the name or inherited it, you wear it well. You are truly wise beyond your years (…you don’t look old enough to be in the venues?) and your poetry is fearless, uncompromising, without apology or need of an alibi…THE TRUTH! Thank you for again blessing us with your wisdom and understanding.

To the gods called Magnum O…DYNAMIC!!! I have not witnessed in the past 10-15 years any MC’s, anywhere, who have managed to capture a style of Hip Hop as authentic as an Ultramagnetic or Double Trouble, merge it with knowledge, righteousness and substance all perfectly wrapped in a gods swagger! Truly Amazing…thank you for your performance in THE HEREAFTER and your contribution to keeping the level of consciousness ascending to new heights!

Last but not least, a shout out from all the artists that performed and from Wise Intelligent and THE HEREAFTER to DJ Baye you held us down according to your craft! Everyone was pleased and anticipate you spinning at the next event (BTW, how did you know what intro breaks to play for each artist? Thought you all had a private rehearsal…crazy?)

Thank You to Intelligent Muzik and Wildseed Films for once again providing a platform for and capturing consciousness changing art in a time when ignorance is as fashionable as fat-shoelaces and two-finger rings.

For more information about THE HEREAFTER & Wise Intelligent please go to


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